Viewing Child Server Reports

Use the Tasks > Reports menu item to view a child server's existing report profiles for Control Manager 3 report templates.

To view reports generated using Control Manager 5 report templates, using single sign-on, log on to the child Control Manager web console.

  1. Navigate to the Product Directory screen.
  2. Select a child server from the Product Directory.

    The item highlights.

  3. Move the cursor over Tasks from the Product Directory menu.

    A drop-down menu appears.

  4. Select Reports from the drop-down menu.

    The Reports screen appears in the working area.


    When multiple reports are available on the Reports screen, sort reports according to Report Profile or Last Created date.

  5. Under Available Reports, click the View link of the report profile that you want to open.
  6. On the Available Reports for {profile name}, sort reports according to Submission Time or Stage Completion Time.
  7. Under the Status column, click View Child Control Manager Report.

    A new browser window opens that displays the reports content.