Configuring Log Upload Settings

Use the child server Configuration tab to set the schedule as to when the child server sends logs to the parent server.

  1. Click Products from the main menu.

    The Product Directory screen appears.

  2. Select a child server from the Product Directory.

    The item highlights.

  3. Move the cursor over Configure from the Product Directory menu.

    A drop-down menu appears.

  4. Click Schedule child Control Manager server log uploads.
  5. Under Log Upload, select Upload child Control Manager server logs to the parent server.
  6. Set the upload schedule.
    • Upload logs as soon as they are available

      Select this option to instruct the child server to immediately send logs to the parent server.


      Selecting Upload logs immediately will prompt the child server to constantly send logs to the parent server, affecting network traffic.

    • Schedule log upload to upload logs at a specific schedule

    1. Set the Frequency: Daily or Weekly.
    2. Set the Start time by selecting the hour and minutes from the list. By default, the Start time is 20:00.
  7. Select Set the maximum upload time: hours and set the maximum upload time, which determines the length of time that the child server will upload logs to the parent server. The default maximum upload time is 8 hours.
  8. Click Save.

Trend Micro recommends that you schedule the log upload with Frequency = Daily and Start Time = after office hours or during off-peak hours to prevent heavy network traffic during business hours. However, when the child server has not yet uploaded new logs to the parent server, the Component Status table of the child server's Product Status screen may not show current Outdated, Current, and Total managed product information.