Using the Agent Communication Schedule

The Agent Communication Schedule determines the periods when the agent sends information to the Control Manager server, allowing you to manage the flow of information.

The Control Manager agent installation assigns a default communication schedule. You can modify the schedule to suit your Control Manager network needs. The Agent Communication Scheduler follows a daily setting, that is, it applies the schedule to an agent on a daily basis. There is no weekly or monthly work hour configuration available.

When you set a schedule, that schedule applies to all managed products registered to Control Manager.


When an agent is idle during an Outbreak Prevention Mode, corresponding managed products still perform Outbreak Prevention Service commands without reporting the result to Control Manager. As a result, Control Manager does not know the status or result. Command Tracking lists the result of Outbreak Prevention Policy-related commands under the Fail category.

The Agent Communication idle and working schedules apply only to the managed product agents. You cannot set the idle schedule for Control Manager 3.5 child servers.


The Agent Communication Schedule lists the child server agents.