Determining the Right Heartbeat Setting

When choosing a heartbeat setting, balance between the need to display the latest managed product status information and the need to manage system resources. The default setting is satisfactory for most situations, however consider the following points when you customize the heartbeat setting:

Table 1. Heartbeat Recommendations

Heartbeat Frequency


Long-interval Heartbeats (above 60 minutes)

The longer the interval between heartbeats, the greater the number of events that may occur before Control Manager reflects the communicator status in the Control Manager web console.

For example, if a connection problem with a Communicator is resolved between heartbeats, it then becomes possible to communicate with a Communicator even if the status appears as (inactive) or (abnormal).

Short-interval Heartbeats (below 60 minutes)

Short intervals between heartbeats present a more up-to-date picture of your network status at the Control Manager server. However, this is a bandwidth-intensive option.