Understanding Control Manager Agent Remote Installation

Control Manager can supports Control Manager 2.5x and MCP agents. However, only Control Manager 2.5x agents require a separate installation. Use the Product Agent Settings screen to obtain the remote installation programs for Control Manager 2.x agents.


Remote installation is the preferred installation method for deploying Control Manager 2.x agents on large numbers of older managed product servers. This capability allows you to install Control Manager 2.x agents without being physically at the target server.

There are two agent remote installation programs for installing Control Manager 2.x agents:

Agent Description


The basis of this agent installation program is a program similar to the one used in Trend Virus Control System 1.x. All agents required for the corresponding products are contained in this file.

Use CMAgentSetup.exe to install the Control Manager agent for InterScan Messaging Security Suite 5.1 (InterScan Messaging Security Suite 5.15 and above uses RemoteInstall.exe).


This is an agent installation tool introduced in Control Manager 2.5. It serves two purposes:

  • To install agents to supported product servers

  • To upload agent packages to Control Manager servers

This tool differs from the original CMAgentSetup.exe program because it does not actually contain any agents. Instead, it uses agent packages stored on Control Manager servers. The tool merely identifies the target servers, and then the setup programs in the agent packages themselves perform the installation.

After a fresh Control Manager installation, Control Manager servers do not contain agent packages. The antivirus or content security product uploads and stores their agents to the server, before you can install these agents.