Changing the External Communication Port on the Control Manager Server

  1. Open <root>\Program Files\Trend Micro\COMMON\ccgi\commoncgi\config\CCGI_Config.xml using a text editor (for example, Notepad).

    Use care when modifying Control Manager *.xml or *.cfg files. To ensure that you can roll back to the original settings, back up CCGI_Config.xml.

  2. Specify a new value for the OuterPort parameter. This value represents the external communication port. For example, set OuterPort="2222" to use port 2222.
  3. Save and close CCGI_Config.xml.
  4. Open <root>\Program Files\Trend Micro\COMMON\TMI\TMI.cfg using a text editor.

    Making incorrect changes to the configuration file can cause serious system problem. Back up TMI.cfg to restore your original settings.

  5. Replace the OuterPort parameter value to match the value of CCGI_Config.xml.
  6. Save and close TMI.cfg.
  7. Stop and restart all Control Manager services.