Configuring the Agent Communicator Heartbeat

Use the Communication Time-out screen to define the frequency and maximum delay times (in minutes) for the Control Manager server and agent communication.


The agent/communicator heartbeat setting only applies to Communicators for managed products directly controlled by the Control Manager server. Child Control Manager server agent/communicators use pre-defined values:

Frequency: 3 minutes

Maximum delay: 5 minutes

  1. Navigate to Administration > Settings > Communication Time-out Settings.

    The Communication Time-out screen appears.

  2. On the working area, leave the default values or specify new settings for the following:
    • Report managed product status every: Defines how often the managed product responds to Control Manager server messages. Valid values are between 5 to 480 minutes

    • If no communication, set status as abnormal after: Specifies how long Control Manager waits for a response from the managed product before changing its web console status to (inactive). Valid values are between 15 and 1440 minutes.


    The If no communication, set status as abnormal after value must be at least triple the Report managed product status every value.

  3. Click Save.