Control Manager 6.0 SP3 Features and Enhancements

A wizard showing an overview of new features and enhancements is available when you open the Control Manager management console after installing this service pack.


Control Manager brings together a host of Trend Micro products and solutions to help you detect, analyze, and respond to targeted attacks and advanced threats before they unleash lasting damage.

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Suspicious Objects and IOC Files

Targeted attacks and advanced threats are designed to breach your network by evading existing security defenses.

Control Manager facilitates the investigation of targeted attacks and advanced threats using:

  • Suspicious objects: Files, IP addresses, domains, or URLs that have the potential to expose systems to danger or loss

  • IOC files: Describe Indicators of Compromise (IOC) identified on a host or network. IOC files help administrators and investigators analyze and interpret threat data in a consistent manner.

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Enhanced Security Threat Monitoring

Use the following widgets on the Summary tab to monitor security across the network and respond to the most critical threats:
  • Critical Threats

  • Users with Threats

  • Endpoints with Threats

These widgets provide links to a Security Threats screen that plots threats (by user or endpoint) over a period of time.

From the Security Threats screen, you can focus your attention on a particular threat to see if it has recently affected other users and endpoints. Initiate impact assessment to see if the same threat has affected more users and endpoints over an extended period of time.

These holistic views allow you to see an enterprise-wide chain of events that may lead to an attack, including at-risk endpoints used to prepare for or carry out the attack.

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Endpoint Isolation

You can isolate at-risk endpoints to run an investigation and resolve security issues.

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Endpoint isolation


Assign importance to groups of users and endpoints. For example, assign external-facing servers as important so you can apply a strict policy to these servers and constantly monitor their protection status.

The Critical Threats, Users with Threats, and Endpoints with Threats widgets on the Summary tab highlight important users and endpoints so you can prioritize them.

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How to assign importance


The enhanced Summary tab contains a predefined set of widgets that provide timely security information.

The tab and all its predefined widgets are now "read-only" (regular tab and widget operations are not allowed).

If you upgraded and you do not see the Summary tab you were using in the previous version, you can bring it back.

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This feature is useful in organizations with several OfficeScan servers and administrators, where a Control Manager administrator manages global OfficeScan policies, while other administrators define local or regional policies.

In this situation, the Control Manager administrator creates a "parent" policy with global settings that cannot be overridden and recommended settings that can be customized or extended. Other administrators use "child" policies created from the parent. These policies inherit global settings and allow customizations of recommended settings.

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Control policy permissions when adding a user role. Users with the role can have full control, maintenance, or read-only permissions to Policy Management and/or Policy Resources features and functions.

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How to add a user role and configure policy permissions