Control Manager 6.0 SP1 Features and Enhancements

Control Manager Service Pack 1 (SP1) provides the following new features and enhancements:



User/Endpoint Directory

The User/Endpoint Directory is a graphical representation of the organization of your Control Manager network. This directory allows you to organize your network into groups of users or endpoints with custom or predefined criteria. The following functionalities are now possible:

  • User view with Security Threat, Policy Status, and Contact Information

  • Endpoint view with Policy Status

  • Basic or advanced user/endpoint search

  • Custom filters to automatically group users/endpoints

  • Custom tags to manually group users/endpoints based on specific criteria

  • Active Directory integration and display of available structure


    Control Manager supports synchronization of Active Directory domains coming from the same forest.

Hosts with C&C Callback Attempts widget

This widget provides information about hosts that attempt to establish connection with known C&C servers.

Manage cloud-based services

In addition to products offering endpoint or server protection,you can now include supported Trend Micro SaaS solutions in the Control Manager managed servers list. The following functionalities are now possible:

  • Access and configure any of the managed SaaS solutions through Control Manager using single sign-on

  • You can, at any time, stop managing any registered SaaS solutions