Control Manager 6.0 Features and Enhancements

The following new features and enhancements are available in version 6.0 Service Pack 3.



Policy management

  • Deploy product settings to managed products using policies

  • Flexible policy types

  • Role-based administration

  • Easy policy template updates from the web console

Policy status dashboard widget

  • Up-to-date deployment status of product settings

  • Monitor the numbers of deployed and pending targets

  • Check the detailed status of the pending targets

Policy template updates

When new or updated templates become available, administrators can easily perform the update from the web console.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) integration

DLP is a feature of the Data Protection module that monitors the transmission of digital assets. The DLP feature can minimize the risk of information loss and improve visibility of data usage patterns and risky business processes.

Control Manager has integrated the following DLP features:

  • Manageable DLP templates and data identifiers

  • Deploy DLP settings to managed products using policy management, DLP templates, and data identifiers

  • Collect DLP logs for reports and event notifications

  • 22 pre-defined DLP report templates

  • Five DLP event notifications

  • Four dashboard widgets

  • Product support: OfficeScan, IMSVA, and ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange


Administrators can add menu shortcuts to the Favorites menu for quick access.