Pending Agents and Agents with Issues

The Pending Agents screen provides the following details:

  • Host Name: Name of the endpoint running the Deep Discovery Endpoint Sensor agent

  • IP address: IPv4 or IPv6 address of the endpoint

  • Reason: These are the possible reasons why an investigation is pending or has issues:

    • Pending
      • Command in progress

      • Command waiting to be deployed

    • With issues
      • Command processing timeout

      • An agent error has occurred

      • Agent is unreachable

      Note: Ensure that network connectivity is present and that the agent program is running on the host. Consider restarting the endpoint if the issue persists.
  • Last Reported: Date and time when the agent last communicated with the Deep Discovery Endpoint Sensor server

For details on troubleshooting offline or unreachable agents, see the Deep Discovery Endpoint Sensor documentation.