Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) Tasks

The following table lists all options available:

Table 1. Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) Tasks




Click Add to add an IOC file. In the new window that opens, locate the file and then click Upload.

You can add IOC files generated from Deep Discovery products. For details, see IOC Management.


Select one or several files to delete and then click Remove.

Assess Impact

Impact assessment on IOC files requires a Trend Micro product called Deep Discovery Endpoint Sensor.

Select one or several files to assess and then click Assess Impact.

In the new window that opens, select the target endpoints with Deep Discovery Endpoint Sensor installed. You can select all endpoints or specify several endpoints (one endpoint per line) identified by their host names or IP addresses.

Click Investigate Now to start the assessment.

Back in the main screen, check the assessment status in the Latest Investigation columns.


Click Refresh to update the screen with the latest information.