Using the Basic Search

Use this feature to quickly search for users or endpoints one keyword at a time. Control Manager uses partial matching when returning and displaying results.

  1. Access the User/Endpoint Directory.
  2. On the top-most part of the screen, above the tree and working pane, click the Search drop-down list to search for users or endpoints.
    Figure 1. Basic user search

    Figure 2. Basic endpoint search

    Note: Control Manager can only search for IPv4 addresses.
  3. Type the keywords in the field provided. For example, use the user name or email address criterion to search for users having the same mail server (like

    To search for endpoints based on an IPv4 range, use Advanced search.

  4. Press Enter or the Search icon .

The entries that match the characters you typed are displayed. Control Manager filters users or endpoints from the Users, Endpoints, or Active Directory tree that partially match the keywords entered.