Using the Advanced Search

This feature provides the following functionalities:

  • Search using operators that allow you to find an item from your tree quickly and accurately

  • Set up filters so that you can organize your tree automatically

  1. Search for users or endpoints. Refer to Using the Basic Search for steps.

    Refer to Advanced Search Categories for the list of categories available when performing a search.

  2. Click the Advanced link.
  3. Use any or all of the following Boolean operators:
    • AND: all conditions must exactly match to display the results
    • OR: any of the matching conditions will prompt Control Manager to display the results
  4. Click Search to display results. Alternatively, click Save as New Custom Filter to use the specified criteria to build the new custom filter. Doing so will prompt Control Manager to automatically group users or endpoints that match your specified criteria into this new custom filter.
For example, to search for laptops running Microsoft Windows 7, follow these settings: