Stop Managing Cloud Services

Stopping a cloud service management is manually triggered when any of the following events is true:

  • Your account's subscription to a particular cloud service ends

  • You would like to administer a cloud service from another Control Manager server.

    For example, InterScan Web Security as a Service is initially managed by CM-server-cupertino. Because of new organization changes and processes, CM-server-tokyo is delegated to administer all SaaS solutions. In this case, after completing the steps below, ensure that you configure the cloud service settings on CM-server-tokyo.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Managed Servers.

    The Managed Servers screen appears.

  2. Click Cloud Service Settings.

    A dialog similar to the following appears:

  3. Click Stop managing services with Control Manager, and agree to all succeeding prompts to stop managing SaaS solutions through Control Manager.
The Managed Servers list should no longer display the stopped cloud service.