Configuring the Cloud Service Settings

Use the Managed Servers screen to register or unregister any of your SaaS solutions as one of the managed cloud services in Control Manager.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Managed Servers.

    The Managed Servers screen appears.

  2. Click . The following Cloud Service Settings dialog appears:

  3. Supply the following details:
    • Password: password for this account
  4. Click OK to save.
After configuring the cloud service settings, the Managed Servers list displays information related to the managed cloud service solution that Control Manager obtains from using the account you provided.
For example, if you have set Control Manager to administer your Hosted Email Security subscription, a screen similar to the following appears:

In case your account's subscription to a particular cloud service ends, use a dialog similar to the following to configure Control Manager to stop managing such service (refer to Stop Managing Cloud Services for detailed steps.):