Understanding Managed Servers

Use the Managed Servers screen to add and edit managed products.


When the Add button is disabled, this implies that the managed product is registered using the MCP agent.

For managed products, Control Manager uses the Single Sign-on (SSO) function to access these products by default.


Control Manager is able to support solutions with or without management consoles. Those products or services having their own consoles use SSO.

Administrators can edit the authentication information for the following reasons:

  • The SSO function does not function properly

  • Administrators want to access the managed product using another account

Table 1. Managed Server List

Menu Item



Displays the server name of the managed product.

Display Name

Displays the server display name of the managed product.


Displays the name of the managed product.

Connection Type

Displays how the managed product registers to Control Manager.

Last Report

Shows the date and time when Control Manager received a response from the managed product.


  • Edit: Click this icon to update the server information.

  • Delete: Click this icon to delete a manually added server.