Importing and Exporting Policies

Export policies to back them  up or to import them to another  Control Manager server of the same version.


  • Control Manager exports policy settings but not policy targets.

  • A parent policy stays as a parent after the export or import.

  • A child policy becomes a parent after the export. Consequently, it is a parent after the import.

  • Control Manager cannot import a policy if its name is the same as an existing child policy. If the existing policy is not a child, Control Manager overwrites it after the import.

  1. Navigate to Policies > Policy Management.

    The Policy Management screen appears.

  2. Select the type of product settings from the Product list.

    The screen refreshes to display policies created for the selected managed product.

  3. To export, select one or several policies, click Export Settings, and then save the resulting policy file.

    If you exported a single policy, the resulting file has the extension .cmpolicy.

    If you exported several policies, the resulting file is a compressed (.zip) file containing the individual .cmpolicy files. If you plan to import these files later to the same or another server, be sure to extract the individual files. It is not possible to import the compressed file.

  4. To import, click Import Settings and then locate and load the .cmpolicy file.

    Import one file at a time. If the policy already exists in the policy list, a prompt message appears, asking if the Control Manager

    Control Manager will overwrite the existing policy. Click Ok to proceed. The screen refreshes to include the imported policy. The policy appears on top of the list. Reorder the policy list as necessary.