Step 1: Access the Add One-time Report Screen and Select the Report Type

  1. Navigate to Reports > One-time Reports.

    The One-time Reports screen appears.

  2. Click Add.

    The Add One-time Report > Step 1: Contents screen appears.

  3. Type a name for the report in the Name field, under Report Details.
  4. Type a description for the report in the Description field, under Report Details.
  5. Select the Control Manager template to generate the report:
    • Custom templates: Select the Custom report template to generate the report. If the existing reports do not fulfill your requirements, create one from the Report Templates screen. See Adding Custom Templates for more information.

    • Static templates:
      1. Click Static Templates under Report Content. The Static templates appear in the work area to the right, under Report Content.

      2. Select the report category on which to base the report.

      3. Select the static template data on which to base the template.

  6. Select the report generation format:
    • Custom template report formats:

      • Adobe PDF Format (*.pdf)

      • HTML Format (*.html)

      • XML Format (*.xml)

      • CSV Format (*.csv)

    • Static template report formats:

      • Rich Text Format (*.rtf)

      • Adobe PDF Format (*.pdf)

      • ActiveX

      • Crystal Report Format (*.rpt)

  7. Click Next.

    The Add One-Time Report > Step 2: Targets screen appears.