Configuring Pie Chart Settings

  1. Click Next.

    The Step 3: Specify Design screen appears.

  2. Type a name for the pie chart in the Name field.
  3. Drag items from the Drag Available Fields list to the following areas:
    • Data Field: Specifies the total count for data appearing in the chart

    • Category Field: Specifies how the data is separated in the chart

    Example: To provide a graph that displays virus distribution across your network Data Fields would represent the total number of viruses in your network. Category Fields would represent how the total number of viruses would be broken down as a percentage.

  4. Specify the Data Properties for the Data Field.
    1. Specify how the data displays for the Data Field from the Aggregated by list:
      • Total number of instances: Specifies that the total count for the number of incidents is used for the results

      • Number of unique instances: Specifies that only the count for distinct items is used for the results

      • Sum of value: Specifies that the sum of all the values in the "Count" of a Data View column is used for the results

      Example: OfficeScan detects 10 virus instances of the same virus on one computer. The Count number of row would display 10, while Count distinct row displays 1.

  5. Specify the Category Properties for the Category Field:
    1. Type a meaningful label in the Label name field.
    2. Specify how to sort the data in the chart from the Sorting list:
      • Aggregation value: Sorts the data according to the data values.

      • Category name: Sorts the data according to the alphabetic order of the category names.

      • Ascending: Sorts the data in ascending order.

      • Descending: Sorts the data in descending order.

    3. Specify how many items display in the Category Field by selecting Filter summarized result and specifying a value in the Display top text box.

      The default value is 10.

    4. Select Aggregate remaining items to put all remaining items into the group "Other" on the graph.
  6. Click Save.

    The Add Report Template screen appears.