Main Menu

The web console main menu includes links to the following Control Manager functions.

Table 1. Contents of the Control Manager Main Menu

Main Menu Item


Favorites (*)

Allows users to add menu shortcuts for quick access


Allows the addition of widgets that provide at-a-glance summaries of your network. The widgets also include shortcuts to detailed information screens and ad hoc queries.


Includes the following options:

  • Users/Endpoints: allows you to view user/endpoint information, and conduct security investigations

  • Products: allows you to administer managed products, communicators, and child servers


Includes options to perform policy management and update policy templates.


Includes options to view logs for all products register to the Control Manager server.


Includes options to manage Control Manager managed products and child server reports.


Provides options for configuring manual and scheduled updates and component deployment plans.


Includes the Account Management, Command Tracking, Event Center, License Management, Settings, Outbreak Prevention Services, and Tools options.