Backing Up db_ControlManager Using SQL Server Management Studio

When using SQL Server, use the SQL Server Management Studio to back up the Control Manager database.


Trend Micro recommends regular backups of the Control Manager database. Always back up when you are about to modify the Control Manager database (for example, adding or installing a managed product).

  1. From the Control Manager server, click Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server <version> > SQL Server Management Studio. <version> is the version of SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. On the menu bar, click View > Object Explorer. In the Object Explorer panel, double-click <Host\Instance Name>, then double-click Databases. <Host\Instance Name> is the SQL server host name and the SQL instance name.
  3. Right-click db_ControlManager and then click Tasks > Back up.
  4. Under Backup set, provide the name and description.
  5. Under Source > Backup Type, select Full.
  6. Under Destination, click Add to specify the backup file destination.
  7. Click OK when the message "The backup operation has been completed successfully." appears.