Editing Widgets

Editing a widget means modifying settings for the widget that are not readily visible on the widget. Examples include:

Table 1. Editing Widgets




Modify the name that displays for the widget.


Specifies the data source location for the widget. By default the widget displays data from all managed products that their user access allows.


The data source has a significant impact on what the widget displays. Use care when modifying this setting.

For example, someone specifies that the widget displays data for only a portion of your network.


Some widgets provide settings to modify the amount of data a widget displays (range of entries) or the type of data that displays (security threat type or component type with the product type).

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard screen.
  2. Click a tab that has a widget with an edit icon.
  3. Click the down arrow at the upper right section of the widget and then click Widget Settings. A new screen appears.
  4. Modify settings, including the title, scope (if available), and other widget-specific settings.
  5. Click Save.

    The widget reloads applying the new settings.