Understanding the Agent/Communicator Heartbeat

"Heartbeat" refers to the MCP or Control Manager 2.x agent message that notifies the Control Manager server with "I am alive" information. The agent provides this mechanism to determine whether the managed products remain active.


Use the Agent Communication Schedule screen to define the heartbeat working and idle hours.

The agent polls the Control Manager server at regular intervals to ensure that the Control Manager console displays the latest information and to verify the connection between the managed product and the server remains functional.

There are three heartbeat statuses:

  • Active: the Control Manager agent on the managed product is active and the product service status is running or unknown

  • Inactive: the managed product is disconnected or disabled, roaming mode is enabled, or the Control Manager agent is active and the product service status is not running

  • Abnormal: network connection error

Refer to Understanding Connection Status Icons for details.


In addition to providing periodic heartbeat to the Control Manager server, the agent also sends real-time managed product status information to the server.