Migrating Outbound Protection to Exchange Online (Inline Mode)

  1. Log on to the Cloud App Security management console.
  2. Go to Administration > Service Account.
  3. Locate your Exchange Online (Inline Mode) service account and click Migrate Outbound Protection.
  4. Click Disable after Step 1 to disable the existing outbound protection that uses the Exchange mail flow service account.

    This step prevents new emails from being quarantined.

  5. Click Click here after Step 2 to go to the Quarantine screen and restore emails quarantined by the existing outbound protection if necessary.

    After the migration, the quarantined emails will be removed and can no longer be restored.

  6. Click Migrate after Step 3 to migrate outbound protection to the Exchange Online (Inline Mode) service account.
    During the migration, Cloud App Security performs the following:
    • Deprovision the Exchange mail flow service account for outbound protection.

    • Upgrade the Exchange Online (Inline Mode) service account to support outbound protection by adding the following:

      • Transport rules, connectors, and a Microsoft 365 group in your Exchange Online service

      • Default Advanced Threat Protection and Data Loss Prevention policies for outbound protection

  7. Wait until the process is completed.
  8. Hover over the Tasks icon in the upper-right corner of the management console.

    If the messages "Enabled outbound protection for Exchange Online (Inline Mode)" appears on the Tasks screen, the migration is successful.