Provisioning a OneDrive Authorized Account

Cloud App Security supports using OAuth 2.0 to provision a service account (Authorized Account) for OneDrive. With the OAuth 2.0 framework, Cloud App Security uses an access token to obtain limited access on the Global Administrator's behalf to run advanced threat protection and data loss prevention scanning on files in the protected OneDrive sites of your organization.

The steps outlined below detail how to provision an Authorized Account for OneDrive from Dashboard.

  1. Log on to the Cloud App Security management console.
  2. Hover over OneDrive and click Provision.

    The Provision Service Account for OneDrive screen appears.

  3. On the Authorized Account tab, click Click here at the end of Step 1.

    The Microsoft logon screen appears.

  4. Specify your Office 365 Global Administrator credentials and click Sign in.

    The Microsoft authorization screen appears.

  5. Click Accept to grant Cloud App Security necessary permissions to protect OneDrive sites.
  6. Go back to the Cloud App Security management console as instructed.

    Cloud App Security assigned an App Id for OneDrive that will be used for permission request on the SharePoint admin center in the next step. Copy the App Id from the screen and paste it in step 7d as instructed.

    If you decide to perform step 7 later, you can find the App Id under the corresponding Authorized Account from Administration > Service Account.

  7. Perform the following steps to grant Cloud App Security permissions to receive notifications from Microsoft upon any change to the files on your OneDrive sites.
    1. Log on to the Microsoft 365 admin center with your Global Administrator account.
    2. Go to Admin centers > SharePoint from the left navigation.

      The SharePoint admin center page appears.

    3. Change the SharePoint admin center URL to {sharepoint_admin_site}/_layouts/15/AppInv.aspx in the address bar, for example, change to, and then open the URL.
    4. On the screen that appears, copy and paste the App Id assigned in step 6 in the App Id field and then click Lookup.

      The Title field is automatically filled.

    5. Copy and paste in the App Domain field.
    6. Enter {Cloud App Security_admin_site}/provision.html in the Redirect URL field based on your serving site.

      For example, if the URL of your Cloud App Security management console in the address bar is "" after logon, enter in the Redirect URL field.

    7. Copy and paste the following information in the Permission Request XML field:
      <AppPermissionRequests AllowAppOnlyPolicy="true">
      <AppPermissionRequest Scope="http://sharepoint/content/tenant" Right="Manage" />
    8. Click Create, and on the screen that appears, click Trust It.

      The SharePoint admin center page appears.

    9. Change the SharePoint admin center URL to {sharepoint_admin_site}/_layouts/15/TA_AllAppPrincipals.aspx and then open the URL to verify the permission.

      If an item for Trend Micro Cloud App Security appears, the permission is successfully granted.

  8. Go back to the Cloud App Security management console and click Submit.

    Cloud App Security then updates the OneDrive data in your organization. The time required depends on how much data you have in OneDrive.

  9. Hover over the notification icon in the upper-right corner of the management console.

    If the message "OneDrive protected." appears on the Notifications screen, the provisioning is successful.

If for some reason the access token becomes invalid, go to Administration > Service Account to create a new access token for the service account. For more information, see Service Account.