Data Synchronized by Cloud App Security

Cloud App Security synchronizes some data about Windows Azure Active Directory and Office 365 services when provisioning service accounts.

The following table lists all the data that Cloud App Security synchronizes from the Office 365 environment.

Windows Azure Active Directory

  • Names of all domains

  • Display names of all users

  • User Principal Names (UPNs) of all users

  • License status of all users

  • Display names of all groups

  • Types of all groups

  • Relationships between users and groups, and between groups

Exchange Online

  • Creation time of all mailboxes on the Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Primary SMTP addresses of all mailboxes

  • Types of all mailboxes

SharePoint Online

  • URLs of all SharePoint site collections and their subsites

  • Descriptions of all SharePoint site collections and their subsites

  • Relationships between site collections and subsites


  • IDs of all OneDrive users

  • Descriptions of all OneDrive users

  • URLs of all OneDrive user sites

Microsoft Teams, including Teams and Chat

  • IDs of all Microsoft teams

  • Display names of all Microsoft teams

  • URLs of all Microsoft Teams sites