Deprovisioning a Service Account for Gmail (Inline Mode) - Inbound Protection

The steps outlined below detail how to deprovision a service account for Gmail (Inline Mode) - Inbound Protection.

  1. Choose Administration > Service Account.
  2. Select the Gmail (Inline Mode) - Inbound Protection service account and click Remove.
  3. Remove the content compliance rule for routing inbound messages from Gmail to Cloud App Security.
    1. Log on to as a Google Super Admin.
    2. Go to Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail and click Compliance.
    3. In the Content compliance section, click Delete for the rule TMCAS Content Compliance Rule for Incoming Messages and then click PROCEED on the displayed dialog box.
  4. Remove the Trend Micro Cloud App Security application for all of your users.

    The Google Drive, Gmail, Gmail (Inline Mode) service accounts share the same Trend Micro Cloud App Security application. If you are still using the Gmail or Google Drive service account, skip this step and step 5.

    1. Visit
    2. Click the application named Trend Micro Cloud App Security.
    3. Click the trash icon in the upper right to remove the application.
  5. Remove the Cloud App Security application from the administrator's personal settings.
    1. Go to Google Account > Security > Third-party apps with account access and click manage third-party access.

    2. On the Apps with access to your account screen, click the application named Trend Micro Cloud App Security, and then click REMOVE ACCESS.

  6. Manually remove the remaining data.

    For details, see Changes Made Under Inline Protection.