Using the Get Started Wizard

If you are new to Cloud App Security, when you log on to the management console for the first time, Cloud App Security provides you with a Get Started wizard on Dashboard to get you set up quickly to use the service.

  1. Click Add Service Account in the Provision Service Account section to open the Service Account screen.

    You can provision a service account for each cloud application or service you want Cloud App Security to protect.

  2. Click Go to Advanced Threat Protection or Go to Data Loss Prevention in the Configure Policy section to open the policy configuration screen.

    Enable the default policies or create new policies for Cloud App Security to scan and protect the targets of your cloud application or service against various security threats and unauthorized transmission of sensitive data.

  3. Click Open the Online Help in the Other Features section to open the online help of Cloud App Security.

    You can learn more about the features available in Cloud App Security, for example, Dashboard, Logs, Quarantine, and Administration.

  4. Optionally click the close button at the upper right to hide the wizard.

    To re-launch the wizard, click the question mark icon in the top right corner of the screen, and then select Get Started Wizard from the drop-down list. This option works only on the Dashboard screen.