Automatically Provisioning an Exchange Online Delegate Account

The steps outlined below detail how to provision a Delegate Account for Exchange Online from Dashboard.

  1. Log on to the Cloud App Security management console.
  2. Hover over Exchange Online and click Provision.

    The Use Access Token tab on the Accessing Microsoft Exchange Online Account Information screen appears by default.

  3. Click the Automatically tab.
  4. Specify the Global Administrator credentials (email address and password) and click Verify.

    Trend Micro does not save the Global Administrator credentials. They are used only once to provision the necessary Delegate Accounts.

  5. Select the Microsoft service to protect, for example, Exchange Online.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Hover over the ring icon in the upper-right corner of the management console.

    If the message "Exchange Online protected." appears on the Notifications screen, the corresponding provisioning is successful.