Accessing the Cloud App Security Management Console

The management console is the central point for monitoring Cloud App Security throughout the corporate network. The console comes with a set of default settings and values that you can configure based on your security requirements and specifications. The management console uses standard Internet technologies, such as JavaScript, Rest API, HTML and HTTPS.

Use the management console to do the following:

  • Configure Advanced Threat Protection and Data Loss Prevention scanning policies

  • Run real-time scans and manual scans on messages and files

  • Enable scans on RMS-protected files

  • Configure policy actions and policy violation notifications

  • View detailed logs and generate reports on demand

  • Manage quarantined messages and files

  • Manage service accounts and administrator accounts

  • Manage administrative roles with specified access to the management console, and assign administrators to different roles to implement role-based access control

  • Configure single-sign on to allow administrators to use their Active Directory or Okta account credentials to single sign on to the management console

  • Configure settings that apply to all users and policies

  • View license information