Dashboard Overview

Monitor your network integrity with the dashboard. Each management console user account has an independent dashboard. Changes made to one user account dashboard do not affect other user account dashboards.

View aggregated or separate service data if you have created more than one organization to administer your cloud services across your corporate network.

Widgets represent the core dashboard components. Widgets contain visual charts and graphs that allow you to track threats and associate them with the logs accumulated from log sources.

Each dashboard section contains widgets that capture specific data.

Table 1. Dashboard Sections



Overall Threat Detections

Shows threat detection statistics, that is, the total number of email messages, Teams chat messages, files, Saleforce objects scanned, and the number of each type of security threats detected.


Shows ransomware detection statistics, that is, the total number of detections, top five ransomware email senders, top five ransomware domains, and top five ransomware detected in files.

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Shows BEC detection statistics, that is, the total number of detections, top five BEC email recipients, top five writing style analysis violations by recipient, and top five targeted high profile users.


Shows widgets that provide security risk summary over selected time periods.

Advanced Threat Protection

Shows security risks based on signature-based scanning method (Security Risk Scan) and heuristic analysis (Virtual Analyzer for Suspicious Objects). Security Risk Scan refers to the four security filters: Advanced Spam Protection, Malware Scanning, File Blocking, and Web Reputation.

Data Loss Prevention

Shows violations by policy, compliance template, destination, and source.

Internal User Risk Insights

Shows internal user accounts most at risk based on user behavior analysis.