Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection secures cloud applications and services by protecting your users from emerging advanced threats. Where once attackers were content to simply deface a website or gain notoriety through mass system disruption, they now realize that they can make significant money, steal important data, or interfere with major infrastructure systems via cyber warfare instead.

A targeted attack is a long-term cyber-espionage campaign against a person or organization to gain persistent access to the target network. Persistent access can allow attackers to extract confidential company data or damage the target network over a period of time. Compromised networks can be used for attacks against other organizations, making it harder to trace the attack back to its originator.

Advanced persistent threats are targeted attacks with a pre-determined objective: steal sensitive data or cause targeted damage. Threats are usually not isolated incidents, but rather they are often conducted as a series of failed and successful attempts over time to get deeper into a target's network.