Using Azure AD Free or Basic Edition

  1. On the Microsoft Azure main page, click Azure Active Directory. On first use, click More services and find Azure Active Directory.
  2. From the left navigation, go to Enterprise applications > New application.
  3. (Optional) If the Browse Azure AD Gallery (Preview) screens opens, click Click here to switch back to the old app gallery experience..
  4. Under Add an application, click Application you're developing.
  5. Under the Add your own application area that appears, click Ok, take me to App Registrations to register my new application.
  6. Under the App registrations screen that appears, click New registration.
  7. Under the Register an application screen that appears, specify the following:
    • Name: Display name for Cloud App Security, for example, Trend Micro Cloud App Security.

    • Supported account types: Accounts that can use this application or access this API. For details, click Help me choose....

    • Redirect URI: Select Web and then type the URL of the Cloud App Security logon page based on your serving site.


      Serving Site

      Sign-On URL





      Australia and New Zealand




  8. Click Register.

    The Overview screen of the newly created application appears.

  9. Record the following:
    • Application (client) ID. This is also referred to as Application Identifier on the Cloud App Security management console.

    • Click Endpoints, and then record SAML-P sign-on endpoint. This is also referred to as Service URL on the Cloud App Security management console.