Configuring High Profile Users

Since BEC attacks target high profile users such as company executives, Cloud App Security allows you to add high profile users who are likely to be impersonated for detection and classification.

Specify the email display names and optionally email addresses of the high profile users who might be frequently impersonated. Cloud App Security uses the High Profile Users list for the following:

  • Check incoming email messages claimed to be sent from those users, apply fraud checking criteria to identify forged messages, and enable you to take action if BEC attacks are detected.

  • Allow you to directly take action when the display name of an external sender matches the list.


High Profile Users apply to all BEC detection technologies used by Cloud App Security. However, if you want to use writing style analysis to spot probable BEC attacks, you must specify the email address of a high profile user.

As a global setting, the specified high profile users are applicable to all Advanced Spam Protection enabled policies for your email service, that is, Exchange Online or Gmail, for BEC detection. For details, see Configuring Advanced Spam Protection.


Cloud App Security supports configuring a High Profile User Exception list to skip the scanning for BEC even when a sender's display name matches the High Profile Users list. For details, see Configuring High Profile User Exception List.

  1. Go to Administration > Global Settings > High Profile Users.
  2. On the High Profile Users screen that appears, perform the following tasks:
    • Specify individual users or select users from groups as high profile users.


      A maximum of 1,000 users can be added.

      The added users apply to the policies for all the organizations.

      • Click Add > Add User Manually, select an organization from the list that appears, specify the first name, middle name (optional), last name, and email address (optional) of the user on the Add High Profile User screen that appears, and then click Save.


        To apply writing style analysis to a high profile user, make sure to enter the user's valid company email address.

      • Click Add > Add User from Organization, select an organization from the list that appears, select users from one or multiple groups under the organization on the Add High Profile Users from Organization screen that appears, and then click Save.

    • Remove one or multiple users from the high profile user list.

      1. Select one or multiple users and click Delete.

      2. Click OK.

    • Import individual users as high profile users in batches.

      1. Create a .csv file to specify the users to import.


        Add the first name, middle name, last name, and email address of each user in the first four columns. Cloud App Security will check the user information from the second row. The first name and last name are required, the email address must be valid and belong to your company, and the total number of users, including those already added on the High Profile Users screen, cannot exceed 1,000.

      2. Click Import, select the created .csv file, and then click Import.

    • Export all or selected high profile users.

      • Click Export > All Users to export all users specified in the list as a .csv file.

      • Select some users specified in the list, and then click Export > Selected Users to export them as a .csv file.

  3. On the High Profile Users screen, view the writing style training progress for high profile users under Writing Style Training Status.

    If writing style analysis is not enabled in any of the Advanced Threat Protection policies for your email service, Writing style analysis not enabled displays.

    Writing style training is available only for Gmail and Exchange Online (non-inline mode).

  4. Click OK.