Configuring Approved Exchange Online Users

The Approved Exchange Online Users list specifies the Exchange Online users whose email accounts will be excluded from scanning during policy enforcement when the user is selected as a target in the corresponding policies.

  1. Go to Administration > Global Settings > Approved Exchange Online Users.
  2. On the Approved Exchange Online Users screen that appears, perform the following tasks:
    • Add one or multiple users to the approved users list.

      1. Click Add and select an organization from the drop-down list.

      2. On the Add Approved User screen that appears, select Advanced Threat Protection or Data Loss Prevention from the Policy Type drop-down list. This determines which type of policies the configured users apply to.

      3. Search and select one or multiple users to add as approved users.


        A maximum of 1,024 users can be added.

        The added users apply only to the policies for the selected organization.

      4. Click Save.

    • Remove one or multiple users from the approved users list.

      1. Select one or multiple users and click Delete.

      2. Click OK.

  3. Click OK.