What's New

The following new features are available in Cloud App Security.

Table 1. New Features in This Release (Available on January 19, 2020)



Branding support for Licensing Management Platform (LMP) customers

Cloud App Security accepts the customized banner image set by service providers and other partners via the Licensing Management Platform console to display on the Cloud App Security management console.

Table 2. New Features Available on December 12, 2019



Threat investigation API to support the Gmail service

Cloud App Security extends its Threat Investigation API to sweep email messages in the protected Gmail mailboxes to investigate and understand the impact of threat detections.

Integration with Trend Micro™ ScanMail™ for Microsoft™ Exchange to provide log visibility

Cloud App Security integrates with one or several ScanMail servers (14.0 Patch 2 or later) deployed within your organization to allow the administrator to view policy violation logs from these servers on the Cloud App Security management console.

Trend Micro™ ScanMail™ for Microsoft™ Exchange is a Trend Micro product that protects your Exchange mailbox servers.

Table 3. New Features Available on November 24, 2019



New API type to configure user-defined blocked objects

Cloud App Security opens up one more RESTful API type for the administrator to add or delete blocked URLs, senders, and file SHA-1 values, and view these objects on the management console.

Skip spam scanning based on an email header field

Cloud App Security provides an option for the administrator to specify an email header field and its value under Advanced Spam Protection so that email messages with this header field value will not be scanned by this security filter for spam detection.

Access token revalidation for the Exchange Online service account

Cloud App Security notifies the administrator when the access token for the Exchange Online service account becomes invalid and allows the administrator to recreate a new token to ensure the availability of the service account.

Table 4. New Features Available on October 13, 2019



Skip scanning email messages in the Junk Email folder of Exchange Online

Cloud App Security allows the administrator to choose not to scan email messages in the Junk Email folder of Exchange Online during both real-time and manual scanning.

Writing Style Analysis optimization for three more languages

In addition to the already supported languages, Cloud App Security leverages the further optimized Writing Style DNA technology to protect email messages written in or containing the following languages: Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

Table 5. New Features Available on August 25, 2019



Protection for Microsoft Teams

Cloud App Security adds Microsoft Teams into its protected application family and provides real-time Advanced Threat Protection and Data Loss Prevention for files stored in the teams of your organization.

In this release, manual scan is not supported.

Approved Exchange Online Users

Cloud App Security provides a global setting for the administrator to add Exchange Online users whose email accounts will be excluded from scanning during policy enforcement when the user is among selected targets in the corresponding policies.

Default Advanced Threat Protection policy working in monitor mode for all protected services

Besides Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business, Cloud App Security adds a monitor-mode default ATP policy to the other protected services, that is, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, and Microsoft Teams.

Table 6. New Features Available on July 14, 2019



Launch of the Australia Serving site

In addition to the EU, U.S. (global) and Japan sites, Cloud App Security opens a new serving site to provide its advanced protection for Australian customers.

Manual scan for the Gmail service

Cloud App Security enhances its protection of Gmail by enabling on-demand (manual) scans on email messages in protected Gmail mailboxes.

More actions available for Writing Style Analysis

Cloud App Security provides more actions (Quarantine and Delete for Exchange Online, and Delete for Gmail) for the administrator to deal with email messages detected as BEC scams by Writing Style Analysis.

One more default Advanced Threat Protection policy for Office 365 services

Cloud App Security adds a new default ATP policy to each protected Office 365 service for monitoring purposes. This policy will work in monitor mode to only record email messages and files delivered to target users in logs without taking actions.

Enhancement to the Approved/Blocked URL List for Web Reputation

Cloud App Security supports adding URLs with query parameters into the Approved/Blocked URL List of the Web Reputation filter.

Link to details about Malware Scanning detected threats

Cloud App Security adds a link on the Logs page to each threat detected by the Malware Scanning filter so that the administrator can view more information about the threat.

Optimized scanning and analyzing process for Virtual Analyzer

Cloud App Security optimizes the scanning and analyzing process of the Virtual Analyzer filter to further ensure zero impact on mail flow and file sharing for the Office 365 services.

Writing Style Analysis optimization for one more language

In addition to English, German, and French, Cloud App Security provides enhanced protection to detect BEC scams in email messages written in or containing Spanish as the Writing Style DNA technology is optimized for this language.