About Cloud App Security for Gmail

Googleâ„¢ Gmail is a free email service developed by Google. As part of G Suite, Google's business-focused offering, Gmail comes with popular features to make it easy to use email app that saves you time and keeps your messages safe. Users can get email messages instantly via push notifications, read and respond online and offline, and find any message quickly.

Cloud App Security installs its app to your Gmail environment and provisions a service account to obtain limited access. When an email message arrives at or after it is sent out from a protected Gmail mailbox, Cloud App Security scans the message and chooses to pass, delete or label it, or move it to the recipient's Spam label as configured if the message triggers a policy.

The following guides you through Gmail specific features and settings in the Online Help:

  • System requirements

    Gmail serves as a component of multiple G Suite editions. For more information on the editions that Cloud App Security for Gmail supports, see System Requirements.

  • Dashboard

    Monitor web activities in your network with the dashboard:

  • Provision

    Provision a service account for Gmail on the management console. With this account, Cloud App Security obtains limited access to your organization's Gmail environment and run advanced threat protection and data loss prevention scanning on email messages. For details, see Provisioning a Service Account for Gmail.

  • Advanced Threat Protection policies

    Configure General, Advanced Spam Protection, Malware Scanning, File Blocking, Web Reputation and Virtual Analyzer in Advanced Threat Protection policies to scan incoming or all (incoming and internal) email messages in protected mailboxes and take actions to prevent suspicious and malicious threats. For details, see Adding ATP Policies.

  • Data Loss Prevention policies

    Configure Data Loss Prevention policies to scan email messages in protected mailboxes and take actions to protect confidential data. For details, see Adding Data Loss Prevention Policies.

  • Logs

    Query logs and generate reports by the Security Risk Scan, Ransomware, Virtual Analyzer, Data Loss Prevention, or Audit Logs types and the supporting log facets. For details, see Logs and Reports.

  • Quarantine


    This does not apply to Gmail because the Quarantine action is not supported for Gmail.

  • Administration

    Configure Service Account, Administrator and Role, and Global Settings, and view License under Administration. For details, see Administration.

    In this release, Suspicious Object List in Global Settings is not available for Gmail.