Configuring Reports

You can track the report generation process and download the completed report on the Generated Reports tab.

  1. Go to Reports.
    • To configure a new one-time report, go to the One-Time Reports tab.

    • To configure a scheduled report, go to the Scheduled Reports tab and click New Schedule.

  2. Configure the General Settings.
    1. For a scheduled report, turn on the status toggle to enable the schedule.
    2. Specify a Name to identify the report.

      PDF format reports use the report name as the title of the report which appears on the cover page.

    3. For a scheduled report, set the frequency for generating the report.

      Reports configured to start on the 29th, 30th, or 31st automatically start on the last day of the current month if the specified day does not exist.

    4. Type a Description to identify the report.
    5. Select an organization or all organizations to generate the report for.
    6. Select the services to include in the report.

      The report includes data only for provisioned services.

  3. Configure the Report Content.
    1. Select or view the data period for generating the report.
      • For a one-time report, select a data period.

        • Yesterday: data of the previous calendar date

        • Last week: data of the previous week from Sunday to Saturday

        • Last month: data of the previous calendar month

        • Last 6 months: data of the previous six calendar months

      • For a scheduled report, view the data period, which depends on the frequency you selected.

        • For a daily report, the data period is the previous calendar date of the scheduled generation time.
        • For a weekly report, the data period is the previous week (Sunday through Saturday) of the scheduled generation time.
        • For a monthly report, the data period is the previous calendar month of the scheduled generation time.
    2. Select the sections to include in the report.

      The Total Scans and Detections section is always selected.

  4. Configure the Report Format.

    The report is currently available in PDF.

    Configure the cover page customization for the PDF report.



    Description on cover

    A description of the report on the cover page

    Company name

    Your company name

    Your company logo

    Image must be a JPEG or PNG file that does not exceed 200 KB in size. Image dimensions must be within 180 x 60 px.

    The Trend Micro t-ball logo and Cloud App Security product name

    Save settings for future reports

    Select this option when you want to reuse the PDF settings when creating new reports.

  5. To send a notification email when report generation completes, configure the Notification settings.
  6. (Optional) Click Reset if you want to reset the settings to their defaults.
  7. (Optional) Click View PDF Sample to preview the PDF report format.
  8. Click Create.
    • One-time report generation starts immediately after you click Create.

    • Scheduled report generation starts on the next scheduled time based on the schedule settings.