Using Cloud App Security APIs

Cloud App Security provides programmatic access through Cloud App Security Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs. You can use the APIs to integrate third-party solutions or Trend Micro products and services with Cloud App Security, which allows customers to obtain certain service data, launch investigations for known and unknown threats, and perform operations on email messages and user accounts as necessary. This offers automated capabilities to help the security team of your organization improve their efficiency and effectiveness with which they can investigate, detect, manage, and respond to security issues.

Cloud App Security supports the following types of APIs:

  • Log retrieval: gets security event logs from Cloud App Security to your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) or other security analytics platform for further security monitoring and threat detection.

  • Threat investigation: sweeps email messages in protected Exchange Online and Gmail mailboxes for those that match meta information search criteria to investigate and understand the impact of detections.

  • Threat mitigation: performs operations on email messages or user accounts to remediate or prevent your Exchange Online or Gmail service from further security attacks.


    For Gmail, you can perform operations only on email messages through this API.

  • Threat remediation: specifies lists of blocked senders, URLs, SHA-1 hash values, and SHA-256 hash values for Cloud App Security to quarantine Exchange Online email messages that match the lists.

  • Intelligent investigation: gets intelligent alerts on Exchange Online email messages or user accounts and performs advanced threat investigation to find potential compromised accounts or other possibilities and hunt for more unknown threats from email perspective.


    The Intelligent Investigation API type is provided only for use by the Trend Micro Managed XDR service, and available for the customers who are using Managed XDR with Cloud App Security connected to it.

Using these APIs may potentially expose sensitive information. Therefore, to ensure that only trusted applications can use the APIs, generate an authentication token that the trusted applications send with API requests. Cloud App Security verifies the validity of all API requests from third-party applications and systems using the token information and returns the requested data to them.

On the Cloud App Security management console, you can create authentication tokens for use by the following products and services:

  • External applications

  • Trend Micro Managed XDR

  • Trend Micro Apex Oneā„¢ as a Service

Perform the following steps to properly utilize the Cloud App Security REST APIs:

  1. Create an authentication token on the Cloud App Security management console and fill the token in the header of the request to the intended API.

    For more information, see Generating an Authentication Token.

  2. Create a valid API request that consists of a method, a URL, a request header, a list of request parameters, and optionally a request body.

    For more information, see the following topics:

  3. Verify whether Cloud App Security accepted the API request.

    For more information, see API Responses.