Smart Protection Sources for Internal Agents

A Security Agent’s location is internal if its gateway IP address matches any of the gateway IP addresses specified on the Endpoint Location screen, or if the agent can connect to any reference server. Configure the range of Security Agent IP addresses and assign a customized list of Smart Protection Servers to each.

For more information, see Endpoint Location.

  1. Go to Administration > Smart Protection > Smart Protection Sources.
  2. Click the Internal Agents tab.
  3. Click Add.
  4. In the IP Range section, specify an IPv4 address range.
  5. In the Custom Smart Protection Server List, add the Smart Protection Servers.
    1. Specify the Smart Protection Server's host name or IPv4 address.
    2. Enable File Reputation Services.
    3. Enable SSL if your organization uses HTTPS protocol.
    4. Specify the Smart Protection Server's listening Port for the requests.
    5. Enable Web Reputation Services. Agents send web reputation queries using the HTTP protocol. HTTPS is not supported.
    6. Specify the Smart Protection Server's listening Port for the requests.
    7. Click Add to the List.
    8. Add more servers by repeating the previous steps.
    9. Select Order or Random.
      • Order: Agents pick servers in the order in which they appear on the list. If you select Order, use the arrows under the Order column to move servers up and down the list.

      • Random: Agents pick servers randomly.

  6. Click Save.

    The Smart Protection Sources screen appears with the configured Security Agent IP range displaying in the table.

  7. Click Save and Notify Agents.