Migrating from an On-premises OfficeScan Server to Apex One as a Service

Apex One supports migrating server and Security Agent settings from an on-premises OfficeScan server running version XG SP1 (or later). Ensure that you upgrade all Security Agents that you want to migrate to the Apex One server before attempting the migration process.


If you have Security Agents running on virtual machines or using VPNs, ensure that your environments meets the prerequisite criteria.

Migration Prerequisites for Virtual Desktops and VPN Clients

The migration process requires that you perform the following tasks:

  1. Use the Server Migration Tool to import the source OfficeScan or Apex One server settings to the Apex One console.

    For more information, see Using the Apex One Settings Export Tool.

  2. Migrate the source OfficeScan or Apex One server policy settings to the Apex Central as a Service console.

    For more information, see Migrating On-premises OfficeScan Policy Settings to the Apex Central Console.

  3. Move Security Agents from the source server to Apex One

    Before moving Security Agents to the Apex One server, ensure that you change the proxy settings for the Security Agents on the on-premises server console to Use Windows proxy settings in order to allow the Security Agents to connect to the Apex One console.

    For more information, see the Configuring Internal Agent Proxy Settings topic in the OfficeScan Administrator's Guide.

    For more information, see Moving Security Agents to Another Domain or Server.