Editing the Apex One Firewall Exception Template List

You can use the Edit Exception Template screen to manage the network traffic to allow or block on Security Agents. The Apex One Firewall provides default exceptions that you can modify or delete.

For more information, see Default Firewall Policy Exceptions.

The following table outlines the tasks available on the Edit Exception Template screen.



Add new exceptions

Click Add to create a new exception.

For more information, see Adding a Firewall Policy Exception.


After adding a new exception, you must save the Exception Template list to apply the new exception. If you navigate away from the Edit Exception Template screen without saving changes, the Apex One Firewall does not save the new exception.

Delete existing exceptions

Select an existing exception and click Delete to remove the exception from the Exception Template list.

Modify existing exceptions

Click the Name of an existing template to modify the exception settings.

Reorder the priority of exceptions

Click the up or down arrows next to an exception to change the priority in which the Apex One Firewall takes action on network traffic.

Save changes to the exception list

Click one of the following buttons to save changes to the Exception Template list:

  • Save Temple Changes: Saves the current exception template list settings but does not apply the settings to existing policies

  • Save and Apply to Existing Policies: Saves the current exception template list settings and immediately applies the settings to all existing policies