Firewall Policies

Apex One Firewall policies allow you to block or allow certain types of network traffic not specified in a policy exception. A policy also defines which Apex One Firewall features are enabled or disabled. Assign a policy to one or multiple Firewall profiles.

With Active Directory integration and role-based administration, each user role, depending on the permission, can create, configure, or delete policies for specific domains.

The following table outlines the tasks available on the Firewall Policies screen.



Add new policies

Click Add to create a new policy.

For more information, see Adding a Firewall Policy.

Copy existing policy settings

Select an existing policy and click Copy to open the Copy Policy screen. Modify the policy settings as required.

Delete existing policies

Select an existing policy and click Delete to remove the policy from the list.

Edit the Exception Template

Click Edit Exception Template to view the current Exception Template list.

For more information, see Editing the Apex One Firewall Exception Template List.

Modify existing policies

Click the Policy Description of an existing policy to modify settings.