Trend Micro Product Directory Exclusions

If you select Exclude directories where Trend Micro products are installed in the Scan Exclusion List (Directories) section, the Security Agent automatically excludes following product directories:

  • <Server installation folder>

  • IM Security

  • InterScan eManager 3.5x

  • InterScan Web Security Suite

  • InterScan Web Protect

  • InterScan FTP VirusWall

  • InterScan Web VirusWall

  • InterScan NSAPI Plug-in

  • InterScan E-mail VirusWall

  • ScanMail eManager™ 3.11, 5.1, 5.11, 5.12

  • ScanMail for Lotus Notes™ eManager NT

  • ScanMail™ for Microsoft Exchange