Network Settings

  1. Go to Agents > Global Agent Settings,
  2. Click the Network tab.
  3. Configure settings as required.



    Virus/Malware Log Bandwidth Settings

    Enable the Security Agent to create a single virus/malware log entry for recurring detections of the same virus/malware within an hour: Consolidates virus log entries when detecting multiple infections from the same virus/malware over a short period of time

    The Security Agent may detect a single virus/malware multiple times, quickly filling the virus/malware logs and consuming network bandwidth when sending log information to the server. Enabling this feature helps reduce both the number of virus/malware log entries made and the amount of network bandwidth Security Agents consume when reporting malware log information to the server.

    Server Polling Interval

    Polling interval: XX minute(s): Configures the Security Agents to automatically attempt to connect with the Apex One at a regular interval to receive updated settings or components and to report the Security Agent status


    The Apex One server classifies all Security Agents that did not successfully poll the server at the specified interval as being "Unreachable".

  4. Click Save.