Global Agent Settings

Most Global Agent Settings have been moved to the Apex Central as a Service console. To manage Global Agent Settings for Apex One, go to Apex Central as a Service (Policies > Policy Management ).

You can still manage Suspicious Connection Settings using the Apex One console to allow, block, or log all connections between Security Agents and user-defined C&C IP addresses.

To configure Suspicious Connection Settings, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Agents > Global Agent Settings.
  2. Click the Security Settings tab.
  3. Go to the Suspicious Connection Settings section.
  4. Click Edit User-defined IP List.

    The User-defined IP Lists only support IPv4 addresses.

  5. On the Approved List or Blocked List tab, add the IP addresses that you want to monitor.
    1. Click Add.
    2. On the new screen that appears, type the IP address, IP address range, or IPv4 address and subnet mask for Apex One to monitor.
    3. Click Save.
  6. To remove IP addresses from the list, select the check box next to the address and click Delete.
  7. After configuring the lists, click Close to return to the Global Agent Settings screen.
  8. Click Save to deploy the updated list to agents.