Searching the Agent Tree

Use the search and view features above the Agent Tree (Agents > Agent Management) to locate specific endpoints managed by Apex One.

  • Search for any agent to manage by specifying the agent name in the Search for endpoints text box.

    A list of results appears in the agent tree. For more search options, click Advanced Search.


    You must use the Advanced Search feature to locate endpoints using IPv4 addresses.

  • Perform an advanced search based on the following criteria:



    Basic Criteria

    Includes basic information about endpoints such as IP address, operating system, domain, MAC address, scan method, and Web Reputation status

    • Searching by IPv4 segment requires a portion of an IP address starting with the first octet. The search returns all endpoints with IP addresses containing that entry. For example, typing 10.5 returns all computers in the IP address range to

    • Searching by MAC address requires a MAC address range in hexadecimal notation, for example, 000A1B123C12.

    Component Version

    Select the check box next to the component name, narrow down the criteria by selecting Earlier than or Earlier than and including, and type a version number. The current version number displays by default.


    Includes agent settings

    Click Search after specifying the search criteria. A list of endpoint names that meet the criteria appears in the agent tree.