Uncleanable Files

The Virus Scan Engine is unable to clean the following files:

Uncleanable File

Explanation and Solution

Files infected with worms

A computer worm is a self-contained program (or set of programs) able to spread functional copies of itself or its segments to other endpoint systems. The propagation usually takes place through network connections or email attachments. Worms are uncleanable because the file is a self-contained program.

Solution: Trend Micro recommends deleting worms.

Write-protected infected files

Solution: Remove the write-protection to allow the Security Agent to clean the file.

Password-protected files

Includes password-protected files or compressed files.

Solution: Remove the password protection for the Security Agent to clean these files.

Backup files

Files with the RB0~RB9 extensions are backup copies of infected files. The Security Agent creates a backup of the infected file in case the virus/malware damaged the file during the cleaning process.

Solution: If the Security Agent successfully cleans the infected file, you do not need to keep the backup copy. If the endpoint functions normally, you can delete the backup file.