Apex Central Policies

You can create, manage, and deploy Apex One (Mac) policies and monitor endpoints from Apex Central.

The following are the policy configurations available:

  • Manual Scan Settings

  • Real-time Scan Settings

  • Scan Exclusion Settings

  • Cache Settings for Scans

  • Scheduled Scan Settings

  • Update Settings

  • Web Reputation Settings

  • Agent Self-protection Settings

  • Scan Method Settings

  • Endpoint Sensor Settings (Apex Central only)

  • Device Control Settings (Apex Central only)

  • Trusted Program List Settings (Apex Central only)

  • Predictive Machine Learning Settings (Apex Central only)

You can monitor endpoints using the Apex One (Mac) Key Performance Indicators widget in Apex Central.

For details, see Key Performance Indicators Widget.

See the Apex Central documentation for details.